Welcome to Readworks, My Fine Art Website

Working as a creative designer all of my life has led me back to the joy of oil painting. Applying oil paint with brushes and pallet knives on canvas in hopes of stirring some emotional response in the viewer. Being a painter isn’t a job, it’s a passion, a necessary part of existence that was absent for too many years. It is an escape from the pressures of the daily exercise of building websites and working on a computer to earn a living.

I rarely leave home without one of my cameras within arms reach. Always looking for that elusive composition or ambient mood. Sometimes as a subject for future canvas decoration. Sometimes just for the joy of the photo.

 Living in Oshawa, Ontario I am producing photography and painting with a passion for capturing and evoking a feeling for a place and time.


Self Portrait

My latest painting

“”Early Winter Evening Stroll”
16″ x 20″, O/C


Wave 2, 11 x 14, O/C
Sleepy Harbour, 16″ x 20″, O/C, $350.00